FFVII: Midgar V3.0 (MOD)

Szico VII Designed and Released Midgar (v3.0) a Total Conversion Mod for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy by Raven games. A stunning re-creation of the city of Midgar and many other areas from Final Fantasy VII. Includes many custom player models and vehicles. Areas include the Battle Square, the Chocobo Ranch, The High Wind, and The Highway, ShinRA HQ, and Sector 7 Slums. Characters include the Turks, Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Vincent, Sephiroth, and the ShinRA grunt. This Mod Fully Supports Single and Multiplayer 3rd Person Action Gameplay! “Midgar v3.0 (Mod) is by far one of the best FFVII Fan-Games ever made!” –

– Windows PC: 700 MHz Pentium, 128MB RAM, 32MB graphics card, 1.5GB hard drive space
– Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (PC Game) – w/ v1.01 Update Patch (only required for CD copy)
– Midgar v3.0 (Mod)
– Patience (The Midgar World is pretty large, so it may take up to 3-5 minutes to Load)

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Midgar (v3.0) Screenshots

Midgar (v3.0) Trailer

Midgar (v3.0) Gameplay Footage

FFVII: Origin (French)

Final Fantasy VII Origin was Developed by Team Virtual Studio Defiance! Players will plunge into the mythic world of Final Fantasy VII . Play charismatic characters such as Sephiroth and Vincent Valentine in a world of FF6 style graphics and gameplay. Discover the hidden side of FFVII !

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   FFVII: Origin Screenshots


FFVII: The Dark Cloud (Fan-Game)

FFVII: The Dark Cloud, is fan-game Created by Denis using the RPG Maker Engine. The Dark Cloud takes place after the events of Final Fantasy VII. A well written story, complete with the Final Fantasy trademark sounds and characters from 7 and overall just a fun game, all wrapped into one in Final Fantasy 7: The Dark Cloud.

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                                                                                                     FFVII: The Dark Cloud Screenshot                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



FFVII: The Dark Cloud Gameplay Footage

FFVII: Avalanche (Fan-Game)

Rich Whitehouse Created and released AVALANCHE, a wholly unofficial and free 3rd person action fan-game set in the Final Fantasy VII universe. This game was very well-received, and was featured in numerous physical and online publications. Among these publications was the popular, internationally published magazine Retro Gamer, who said of very own artwork (I know, I know, programmers aren’t allowed to make art): “Avalanche: If a new Final Fantasy VII was released today, chances are it might look a little like this.” Click here for additional screenshots, and you may download the game here

AVALANCHE Screenshot


AVALANCHE In-game Intro

AVALANCHE Gameplay Footage

FFFlashRPG (Fan-Game)

Final Fantasy FlashRPG is a Mini Fan-Game created by Amps using Macromedia Flash! This game is not exactly related or based on Final Fantasy VII, but it does allow you to play as FFVII Cloud or Sephiroth, along with two other Characters from the Final Fantasy Series. Check it out!

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 Final Fantasy FlashRPG Screenshots



Fantasy FlashRPG Gameplay Footage